Mowing & maintenance

Explosive Growth Nursery can provide all the plants and landscaping you need for your dream garden, but it still needs regular work to keep it in tip-top condition, and that’s where our mowing and maintenance services come in! If you lead a busy life, it can be hard to find the time to stay on top of things. Luckily, we can provide a regular maintenance service to ensure that your yard is always looking its best.

Residential mowing & maintenance

Why not get your weekends back, and leave your mowing and maintenance to our experienced team? We can work around your schedule to save you time and energy while helping ensure that your lawn is immaculate and all other aspects of the garden are well-maintained.

Acreage mowing & maintenance

If you’ve got a larger property to take care of, then it’s likely too much to handle on your own. Why not leave it to the professionals, with the expertise and the equipment to make short work of even the largest mowing and maintenance jobs? We can quickly tame overgrown areas and mow or chop them down, saving you time and energy and ensuring that even the largest areas are at their best.

Choose us today!

Don’t let your perfect outdoor space turn into an eyesore. A quick call and Explosive Growth Nursery will get your garden looking amazing once again, or working regularly to ensure that it never gets out of hand. Whether you need mowing or any other maintenance work, you can always trust us. Get in touch today!