The secret of a stunning hedge lies in selecting the right shrubs for your location. Suitable plants will help ensure that maintenance is kept to a minimum, as well as maximise the chances of ending up with a healthy, attractive boundary. At Explosive Growth Nursery, we’ve got hedging plants which are right for almost any situation. We stock a range of sizes: from a diminutive 100mm, through to 140mm, 200mm, 300mm and even bigger. Larger variations include 45l, 75l and 100l+. If you’re not sure of the size that’s going to be right for your circumstances, get in touch and we’ll be happy to advise.

We have access to a wide variety of shrubs, each of which can provide dense, dependable hedge cover. Species such as murraya, viburnum, syzgium, photinias, or waterhouseas are good starter level choices that can provide years of excellent performance with relatively little effort. If you want an accent in your garden, we recommend varieties such as kalanchoe silver spoon, eleagnus and podocarpus. These work well in tubs, as privacy screens and for informal arrangements, in addition to being useful hedge plants.

The species used in modern hedges have been bred to offer a dependable, high-grade solution to your boundary needs, even in challenging environments. Regular pruning is needed throughout the growing period to keep hedges in shape, with heavy pruning carried out in later winter. Informal arrangements require less maintenance than full hedges – light pruning a couple of times during the season will normally be sufficient.

Get in touch for more information about the range of hedging plants we have here at Explosive Growth Nursery give us a call today on 0405 426 919