Ground Covers

Have you considered ground cover plants for your residential or commercial landscape? Ground cover plants offer the handy characteristic of growing outwards rather than upwards. This makes them ideal for covering your large spaces, while offering the added advantage of suppressing weeds. You can use ground covers to create a spill over effect in many residential and commercial spaces.

Here you will find a broad variety of ground cover plants. Some stay low to the ground, hugging the floor, while others can grow up to about knee high. If you are maintaining slopes or banks, you can find that ground cover plants do an excellent job of retaining rainfall and soil.

So take your pick from our range of ground covers and prevent the germination of weed seeds while giving an attractive covering which insulates your soil. Don’t miss out on this potentially vital soft landscaping component, which is valued for its versatility and low maintenance throughout the year. Match the ground cover plant type to your primary purpose – whether that is erosion control, aesthetic effect, or weed suppression.

Many of these ground cover options flower, meaning that you can count on them to offer colour to your landscape. They can produce a result which is lush and attractive, while living in a variety of weather conditions and soil types. Aside from care and watering after they are planted, these ground covers typically require little maintenance once they have become established.

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