Providing a fantastic accent in any open space, trees also add shade, create a haven for wildlife and can be grouped to form a shelter for animals or to act as a windbreak. For many people, a big decision is whether to opt for deciduous trees (which lose their leaves during the cooler months) or evergreens, which retain their leaves all year round. The answer generally depends on both the required look and the intended purpose of the trees. Evergreens work well where permanent shade or shelter is needed, in comparison, deciduous varieties provide stunning colour variations, altering their appearance as the seasons change.

We are an established supplier of both deciduous and evergreen trees, providing a good range that are great value for money. When it comes to evergreens, options such as magnolias, eucalypts and conifers can work well in almost any location. Tough enough to survive with minimal irrigation, these species can also cope with exposure to wind and higher temperatures. Please don’t hesitate to ask us about our selection of deciduous trees. If you’re not sure what to opt for, our team are happy to provide recommendations.

Our team can provide trees in a variety of different sizes, depending on your needs. If you want a windbreak or sheltering effect almost immediately, we recommend opting for the larger sized trees. Larger trees also tend to be harder, although all trees will need protection from animals and pests, particularly when newly planted. We have trees for sale which vary in size from 140mm right through to 1000ltr!

At Explosive Growth Nursery we can give you all the advice you need before you purchase trees for your garden and we can also help out with other aspects of your soft landscaping solutions. Give us a call today on 0405 426 919.