Distinctive, striking, and wonderfully exotic – cacti, also known as cactuses, are desert plants that grow in dry places which other plants typically have trouble surviving in. It is their remarkable ability to store water that keeps them alive. Cacti are protected by needles or sharp spines – these dissuade animals from trying to eat them and give the plants their forbidding look, which makes them instantly recognisable.

While these plants are predominantly grown in dry areas of Mexico, as well as the United States and other parts of Central and South America, you can now choose from a broad variety in Australia. Cacti make for a brilliant decoration inside your home and are equally captivating when placed in the garden.

Take your pick from our range of these unique plants, which come in many beautiful and unusual varieties. Cacti are valued by homeowners and interior designers for their structured figures, which add an element of sculpture to many contemporary and more traditional settings. But did you know that they are also capable of purifying and moisturising the air, thanks to their transpiration and respiration?

There are over 1,750 species of cacti, and you will find some of the most suitable for your home, such as Globular cacti, in this range. Globular cacti require less sunlight than some other varieties, but you can also find other cacti which respond well to direct sunlight.

Take a look through our cacti range, and make the most of this characterful, easy-to-grow plant! For more information about Explosive Growth Nursery and our plants contact us or give us a call today on 0405 426 919.